Pak-Japan new initiatives


“The AOTS of Japan is well positioned to offer new initiatives to upscale, enhance and upgrade technical and entrepreneurial skills of workers and staff of member companies of Employers’ Federation of Pakistan (EFP) by offering free or subsidised programmes either online or visits to Japan,” according to KARACHI. These would be made available through various planned activities to effectively transmit current processes and systems. According to a press release, Eiji Teshima, the recently appointed Regional Director of the AOTS office with headquarters in New Delhi, made this statement at a meeting held by the EFP in Karachi.
Teshima recalled the assistance and collaboration provided by AOTS to EFP over the years and emphasised the advantages that trainees and businesses have reaped. He noted that while COVID had regrettably restricted travel to Japan, AOTS had continued to offer online programmes that, in reality, helped far more people than was possible in a physical setting.
“From October 10, Japan will be free of all COVID restrictions, making it possible for AOTS to welcome trainees to Japan. In the upcoming months, he stated that one or two seminars will be held in Japan, and in the upcoming fiscal year, more programmes lasting one to two weeks would also be held.
The Regional Director went on to say that AOTS is currently preparing to increase its support for African nations. Expert Dispatching Programs would also be held, but solely for Japanese businesses with overseas locations, such Pakistan. Another proposal would be for Japanese corporations to pay for university tuition while AOTS would fund seminars for employees who work there.
He also mentioned that environmental and sustainability-focused workshops would be offered. He also pledged the complete cooperation of AOTS in supporting any Pakistani enterprise with a focus on quality assurance in obtaining certification in accordance with Japanese International Standards.
Before hosting the visitor, Zaki Ahmed Khan, Acting President of EFP, expressed his gratitude to AOTS for its assistance.
He demanded that there be more training courses and seminars offered in Pakistan for EFP members. He reminded him that EFP has been advocating for this for many years and again extended the offer to hold the annual AOTS Workshop in Karachi. He continued by saying that EFP gives AOTS programmes a lot of weight and that many businesses have been pressing Japan for greater engagement of their employees and staff in programmes.
Former EFP President Majyd Aziz suggested that AOTS now take Pakistan into consideration for more programmes, including in Pakistan and Japan. He recounted how, upon being invited to Tokyo, he had persuaded the President and Managing Director to have programmes in Karachi. He had been successful in this endeavour, and even the Managing Director had dispatched the AOTS team to conduct programmes there. Additionally, he proposed using professionals from the EFP membership to teach and train colleagues throughout Africa. He also said that as EFP is the leading organisation representing Pakistani employers, AOTS collaborate closely with EFP to accomplish shared goals.
To provide modern skills to Pakistani workers, Fasihul Karim Siddiqi, Senior Advisor EFP, suggested that AOTS may help create the EFP Skill University in Karachi. He continued by saying that EFP has the resources necessary to create the curricula, hire instructors, and offer the services necessary to the venture’s success.
He further mentioned that EFP has been providing top human resource executives of member companies with diploma courses in employment laws and industrial relations in partnership with IBA, the leading business educational institution. He asked AOTS to assist by giving Japanese professors, both online and in person, so that these executives might have a deeper understanding of the Japanese educational system.
The Secretary General of the EFP, Syed Nazar Ali, underlined the urgent need for skill development and expressed his belief that Pakistanis would greatly benefit from the Japanese approaches. Since the Pandemic Crisis is mostly resolved at this point, according to Feroz Alam, EFP Director and President of the EFP AOTS Alumni Society of Pakistan, the organisation will now become more effective. According to him, the AOTS Alumni in Pakistan are keen to spread the word about the programme and are also ready to coach and assist upcoming students.