Pakistan keeps potential to increase IT exports if focuses, says Talha Gadit

Pakistan keeps potential to increase IT exports

Info technology is the base of today’s modern world and many developed
nations are relying on. It’s time for us to act accordingly: CEO Nytrotech

Muhammad Umar Waqqas

KARACHI: “It is said that ‘Necessity is the mother of invention’ and is one of such invention which was formed during the tough times of Covid-19.

That was the horrific time for many and we had no exception, in fact, if we may say, we were among those who were almost knocked out by the uncertainties and business closures. Imagine a couple of crazy people decided to invest their life savings, hard earned while on a job outside Pakistan, left their jobs and came to Pakistan to develop the Pakistan based online travelling platform to promote tourism in Pakistan with no other investor standing on their back, launched the platform by the name ( in September 2019 and in December 2019, we started to witness all the craziness which human kind witnesses once in a century,” Talha Gadit tells TFD.

Gadit says that “Those were the dark days where uncertainty was looming over our futures and we were stranded with the team of more than 25 people, helpless and clueless. With no support, whatsoever, from Government, we were left with 2 choices; either to let go our team and let them suffer in those difficult times or try to find opportunity in this crisis and sail through together with them. We chose the hard one and that’s how was formed to offer professional and exceptional services in IT sector, particularly, Websites, E-commerce, Marketplaces & Mobile Application development, Designing and Marketing services.

“Nytrotech inherited most of the employees from and decided not to let anyone go from this family, obviously, not a perfect business model to start, with such a bulky fixed cost but as we say, ‘Leaders are born in Crisis’, we wanted Nytrotech to act like a leader and convert the position of weakness to strength. It was not easy at all, though sounds Heroic, but it was painful to its core to see your savings draining out so swiftly every month.”

He said, “It took us around 2 years to position ourselves in the market appropriately and come to the stable position. The trust what we are gaining from our exceptional and customer focused services, is assisting big time to get the repetitive and new clients. We have developed hundreds of Websites and Mobile Applications, from simplest to the most complex ones. We welcome every customer with small or big needs and try to partner with them in their success. Having been in this industry for few years now, meeting with the CEOs of several IT companies and interviewing hundreds of candidates for various positions.

“I have concluded that we still lack basic infrastructure in our educational institutes and Governmental policies to produce that IT professionals breed which could assist us in competing Internationally. Truth is always bitter but running away from it, won’t either help. Not only this, but still businesses consider spending on technologies as something fancy and waste of money, not realizing that World is changing, and we are leaving behind because of this mindset. Universities are almost failing to produce World Class professionals not only from technical perspectives but providing basics of professionalism & personality grooming.

“Many of the IT professionals lack communication skills to deal with International Clients, not showing respects towards meeting the deadlines and over focusing on switching jobs for small jumps. Such things not only bring bad repute for the IT companies as they fail to deliver on time with quality but also creates the perception Internationally that Pakistani companies can’t deliver qualities.”

Gadit stresses on Changing of IT policies with every changing Government, unnecessary notices from Government Authorities and non-availability of payment channels to receive funds in Pakistan swiftly, all adds up to the problems of IT companies.

He says “I don’t intend to sound pessimistic about the situation rather all I am trying to achieve is to highlight the areas where we could do better as a Nation. I strongly believe that if we set our targets clear and devise a strong plan to achieve it, IT industry could change the fate of many Pakistanis and Pakistan, but this would require strong conviction at the Government Level, better curriculum and trainings in Educational Institutes and better understanding and belief of Business Owners on technology.

“I would like to end this write-up by informing my readers that Nytrotech is trying to deliver its little bit by arranging in-house training sessions every month for the whole team. The aim is to create a team who could influence IT sector positively and play their roles in bringing prosperity to their families, companies where they work, and above all, our beloved Pakistan. Hoping each one of us will do what is in their command to bring betterment to IT sector, as better IT sector equates to better Future of our country. Let’s work for our future, together! CEO Talha Gadit tells TFD.