PWF chief Shaheed Ustad Amanullah Khan Achakzai remembered


Chaman has historically been a place that has always been filled with personalities who have made a name for themselves in the national and international arena. Unfortunately, Chaman is a city in which every when a person belonging to the sector emerges, he will emerge on his own. In his actions and role, there is no help and cooperation at the government and national level. So Shaheed Amanullah Khan Achakzai is also one of the poor children of the country. Was the one who, despite the extreme hardships and poverty, began to shine like a shining star with an unknown name? It is said that Shaheed really spent his whole life in training others for good and good health and devoted himself to this motherland.
An unfortunate, painful and heartbreaking incident of an unfortunate nation has been separated for eternity and eternity. Towards the early life of his that information for readers increased. Shaheed Amanullah Khan Achakzai is not a person in need of any praise as he was a great role model in sports and in his official and tribal services. He was associated with sports from 1985 till his martyrdom. He has been busy for 25 years in the world of sports, he has done exemplary services and initiatives that besides Pakistan, Iran, China, Afghanistan and other foreign countries won prizes and medals in the sport of Wushu and kickboxing and always played a sincere role for his country and nation.
Shaheed Amanullah Khan Achakzai’s great services and initiatives are not hidden from anyone because there is a high club in Chaman city named after Shaheed Sir Ka (Baldia Wushu Kungfu) which is one of the first clubs in the city. Pak Army apart from FC Police and Levies, a large number of youths from all over the city are undergoing training in which most of the youths have performed at national and international level and have raised the name of the nation and country with pride and pride.
Shaheed Amanullah Khan Achakzai had devoted his entire life to this service in which besides guiding the youth, he also taught the idea of serving at national and regional level by keeping away from drugs and hatred and teaching love for his homeland.
Allah Khan Achakzai was a very sincere and moral man who was sympathetic to the oppressed. He was a man of positive thinking and understanding. He was a very fearless and brave person and possessed a name and reputation. He was himself a great example in hospitality. He started his primary education from his own village and got his secondary education from Marda Karez after getting admission in Chaman Model High School for matriculation and passing matriculation, he could not get further education due to poverty after passing F/A from Chaman Degree.
In addition to his duties under the guise of hatred, he was involved in international sports like Wushu Kungfu as a student and regularly received special training from his famous teacher Pakistan Railways coach Ustad Abdul Hameed in 1995 under the guidance of various Pakistani teachers as well as Chinese teachers. He received a certificate as a teacher, a black belt and started a personal club in his hometown in good faith and love of country. Sports activities are still going on in it.
He told me in an interview in 2008 that I played for the first time at Chaman Government High School in which I won the first position and also represented Pakistan five times in the provincial championship, five times in the national championship and many times in the international tournament. Outside the country he had the honor of coaching the debating Pakistani team. And he had won innumerable competitions inside the country.
Khan Shaheed himself used to give training. Among them were [Mohammadzai] from Pakistan Army, Pakistan Railways and Pakistan Police Department. [Asadullah Khan] [Hasrat]. If Amanullah Khan Achakzai’s efforts were to be thwarted, it would be a different story before Jam Shahadat.
Prepared which is still national and at the international level, he has been competing against the Wushu Federation. Now he had the opportunity to receive the Presidential Award regularly as he was a 17th Grade Chief Officer at the Government level. He also had good relations with Seoul Defense of Pakistan and Balochistan. Players are also part of the national team which has the honor of international players. In addition, Iftikhar Awan was elected chairman, Amanullah Khan Achakzai president and Umbereen Iftikhar secretary general in the 2021 elections of Pakistan Wushu Federation.
A meeting of the General Council of Wushu Federation was held under the chairmanship of Wushu Federation. Officials and representatives from all four provinces and departments fully participated in the meeting. For this purpose, a cabinet has been unanimously formed for the next four years.
Similarly, Rehmat Gul Afridi Senior Vice President, while Khizrullah Khan, Faisal Saleem Butt, Saif Zulfiqar, Miss Janat Shehzad Vice Presidents, Joint Secretary Amir Butt, Finance Secretary Muhammad Irfan Mughal, Associate Secretary Janjullah Safi, Jackie Chan, Faiz Allah, Miss Sindh, Miss Samreen Altaf, Miss Maria Ali and Irfan Khan were selected. Similarly, members of the Executive Committee include Sabteen, Miss Khadija, Maria Cheema, Khurram Shehzad, Irfan Khan, Amir Gulfam and Wafadil.
But unfortunately Sir Amanullah Khan Achakzai, President of Pakistan Wushu Federation, a famous teacher of Fakhr Province of Pakistan and a young tribal and famous personality from Chaman city was martyred in a national dispute and separated from us forever and in his native village.
Thousands of people were buried in an atmosphere full of pain and sorrow due to sobs. The younger brother of the martyr on his services and the rest of his life be courageous to serve the nation because the martyr’s must struggling to move forward is like faithfulness to his soul.)
Shaheed Sir Amanullah Khan Achakzai has the right to remember and remember the name of Shaheed Amanullah Khan Achakzai forever because he lived his life in the service of the homeland and the nation. Let us play a joint role in resolving the unfortunate incidents like Sir Amanullah Khan Achakzai so that the Pashtun nation can avoid more such accidents and avoid the loss of valuable personalities like martyr Sir Amanullah Khan Achakzai. Great patience. Amen.