Saqib Tuitions is using teaching innovation to train students for future

TFD Report

KARACHI: Most of the population of Pakistan consists of rural life. Due to lack of proper education in rural areas, only 62.3% of the total population of Pakistan consists of literate people. – So the students of our country face many problems. Saqib Zaki tells.
Saqib Tuitions realizes its responsibility, has tried to give a new thinking and a new educational spirit to the students by deviating from the traditional methods – through which the students learn with more dedication and quest and move forward in them. The spirit of growth is created.
In addition to the educational environment, students can be involved in a variety of healthy activities to strengthen their physical, mental and intellectual structure.
Saqib Zaki further added that No nation can develop unless it pays full attention to its students. The country has always suffered because of the government’s inattention to education.
We are trying to overcome this problem within our limited resources so we pay special attention to strengthening the mental structure of our students – our teachers are playing their full role in this matter with full expertise. We are glad that our efforts have an impact on the students and that is why our test results are always excellent.
In order to make Pakistan a great country of the world, it is necessary to pay equal attention to the economy as well as education. If the country is educated today, then tomorrow the national economy will also be strong.
Pakistani students are considered to be among the brightest students in the world and they have proved it – but there is a need for us to provide students such environment and opportunities to show the hidden strengths in their personality. Make full use of it and become incredible citizens of Pakistan and take the country on top.

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