Sindh govt is responsible for devastating province, Haleem tells newsmen

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) leader of opposition in Sindh Assembly Firdous Shamim Naqvi, parliamentary party leader in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh and MPA Ali Aziz GG have said that the government of Sindh is solely responsible for the ongoing
devastation of the province and plights of its masses.
Addressing a press briefing in the committee room 2 of Sindh Assembly here Thursday, they said the Sindh government instead of serving people is busy in criticizing the federal government.
Firdous Shamim Naqvi said one should visit the JPMC Hospital Karachi to see a glimpse of the sufferings of poor masses. He said the people are protesting because they do not get proper treatment. He said in past Sindh chief minister used to raise hue and cry about coronavirus and now he is raising a hue and cry about national economic council.
Haleem Adil Sheikh; however, said if Sindh gets any progress, it is the PPP that would show unhappiness. He said objection on SIDL is behind understanding. He asked why the Sindh rulers are angry when there is a matter of progress and prosperity of Sindh. He asked they had no objection on IDCL. He said they had no objection in the tenure of Nawaz Sharif and Qaim Ali Shah.
He said now they have objections on Sindh Infrastructure Development Company.
He said in fact only one company had progressed and prospered in Sindh. He said Omni Group has made progress and prosperity since 2008. He said yesterday chief minister again used the ugly trick to play Sindh Card. He said Benazir Bhutto was the chain of four provinces, but the present rulers by misusing the 18th amendment broke this chain. He said the PPP has always hatched conspiracies to weaken the Federation. He said Sindh chief minister should be ashamed on what he said yesterday.
He said Sindh chief minister slapped lockdown to destroy the economy of Pakistan. He said the same company had worked in the period of Nawaz Sharif and it was acceptable. Now when this company wants to install RO plants in Sindh, the rulers of Sindh become angry.
He said we have given health insurance cover of Rs2 billion to the people of Thar. They are given assistance with help of cards. He said the rulers of Sindh have even failed to repair the gutter lines of Larkana.
He said Nawaz Sharif had inaugurated the Green Line. He said when it was Karachi Infrastructure Development Company, the chief minister would support it and had no objection on it. He asked would the Sindh rulers be still unhappy if we name this company as Sachal Infrastructure Company.
He said the rulers indulged in corruption through the Omni Group company. He said Sindh government is lying about ventilators. It has already been handed over 76 ventilators by the federal government but it is still lying that ventilators are not received. He said where these
ventilators are gone, when they are not available for patients.
He said no one has stopped Sindh chief minister to visit the Prime Minister House. He said he was lying plainly when he claimed that he was at the airport when he was asked not to visit the PM House. He said the talks held in the meeting should be made public. He said there are 6 representatives of Sindh and three representatives of the Federation.
He asked Murad Ali to stop playing the Sindh card. He said the report of auditor general says that they have done a corruption of Rs957 billion. He said this provincial government has made whole Sindh Thar. He said our Captain wants to give water to Karachi, but these people are not happy.
However, Firdous Shamim Naqvi said the chief minister of Sindh is spreading hatred. He said SDCL is not an East India Company. He said the Green Line project is the project of the federal government. He said today session of Sindh assembly was held but members were given no report about any quarter.
He said there is a need of slapping financial emergency in Sindh. He said they have now bought vehicles to control locusts. He said water schemes of Karachi are not being completed by them. He said Pak Oasis Company of ‘Bara Sahib’ was given contracts of 800 RO plants and these RO plants are not in running condition. He said the stories of Pak Oasis, Malik Riaz and Murad Ali Shah are present with JITs. – NNI

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