Sunday Talk with Bilal Masood kicks off on TFD News


Special Report

KARACHI: The Financial Daily International, exclusive channel “TFD News” on YouTube has kicked off a new program, “Sunday Talk with Bilal Masood” to be aired every Sunday hosted by Bilal Masood who has been a columnist for this newspaper and has represented Pakistan in twenty countries across the world at various forums. Moreover, he has been a public speaker at national and international level.
This program will highlight subjects which are normally not discussed on mainstream and social media networks. It will cover topics ranging from current affairs, youth issues, society, motivational subjects, diverse perspectives, in-depth analysis to informative interviews.
The first program aired on 07th June, 2020 received a very positive response from the viewers. It highlighted the importance of identifying our real issues as sadly, we are mostly focused on nonissues, especially on social media. Particularly during the last few months, there is a weird trend of news on the mainstream as well as social media networks which are less important, but because of all the glitters involved in it, such news has become top trend in recent times.
The first episode of the program emphasized on the importance of identifying real issues of the country rather than all the time being engaged on matters related to personal life of celebrities and bombarding social media with the same. Attention from major issues is diverted because of it and a considerable amount of time is being wasted in it. However, it mentioned that if a politician is involved in an activity which is done from the money of citizens who voted and made him/her their representative, then in such case, it is an issue and must be raised at every platform.
Issues of the country like significance of giving awareness to masses regarding safety precautions to combat Coronavirus, economic impacts of COVID-19, imparting education to children and how to spend their quality time in lockdown, and deplorable health facilities in hospitals need to be discussed more in these tough times. The program noted that amid all other issues, the recent air crash tragedy has been sidelined and demanded impartial investigation, we must continue to speak about it so that those responsible are held accountable and no such incident can God forbid repeat again, it added.
The program further elaborated that as a nation if we want to stay united, we need to highlight our real issues as well as provide solutions of the same to the stakeholders responsible at the helm of affairs. “Sunday Talk” Host, Bilal Masood said that via this program, we want to work for a better society where we can all learn from each other and make our Sundays productive; therefore, feedback from viewers is very much valuable for upcoming programs.
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