SOP holds one-day training, screening program at BD&M College of M’Khas

MIRPUR KHAS: Special Olympics Pakistan holds a one-day training and screening program at Bhitai Dental and Medical College Mirpur Khas for mentally handicapped/disabled children. The program passed a health-related screening test for mentally / intellectually disabled children, says a Press release.
A one-day program was organized to include detailed information about health activities and children’s screening information and tests for physicians at Bhitai Dental and Medical College Mirpur Khas. According to details, a one day activity of screening test and other events was held at Bhitai Dental and Medical College, Mirpur Khas, by the Special Olympics Pakistan (SOP) to prepare local mentally/intellectually disabled children and young people to immerse themselves in various sports and social based activities. Take a “one day training and screening program” for children with intellectual / intellectual disabilities.
At the launch of the program, the Chairperson Ronak Lakhani Clinical Director of Special Olympics Pakistan Dr. Hassan Sakrani gave with the team of 60 doctors and 34 volunteers of the college giving detailed information about the sports and various programs to the mentally handicapped/intellectual children of Special Olympics Pakistan and involved the relevant doctors in every stage of the screening.
In a one-day training and screening program, 43 screening stages of mental / intellectual and physical disabilities were performed. Special Olympics Pakistan’s senior and Karachi’s leading doctor under the supervision of Dr. Hassan Sakrani and his able volunteers and dedicated team screened the children so it could indicate what kind of mental or physical impairment the concerned children had, as they were trained and rehabilitated on the basis of these tests could support the programs.
At the stage of the screening, doctors from Bhitai Dental and Medical College Mirpur Khas were also added at each stage so that the next time the local child screening process could be done properly at local level to facilitate these children and provide opportunities to their parents.
Children with mental/intellectual and physical disabilities and their parents also participated in one-day training and screening program. One of the main goals of the Special Olympics in Pakistan is to create relationships among parents of children with intellectual/intellectual and physical disabilities so that a better learning environment can be created through social interaction.
On the occasion, Program Coordinator of Sindh Special Olympics Pakistan, Noor Ahmed Narejo said that the Special Olympics Pakistan is an international level movement whose main task is to provide training and sports education to children and youth with disadvantaged sections of society is to self-empower yourself. Throughout the year, the organization continues to provide activities such as providing physical fitness, encouragement, healthy living conditions, improved health care programs, coordinating and giving gifts to children and young people individually to relevant children and young people. Giving and social context-based learning can support the environment.
The social workers of every district of Sindh, who are passionate about this service, urged the society and the volunteers to join the organization in identifying children and young people with disabilities as the standard of change in their lives and also played their part in the society.
In the end, Chairperson Ronak Lakhani Clinical Directors of Special Olympics Pakistan Dr. Hassan Sakrani, Dr Syed shah Faisal, Member Asma Hussain, Divisional Director Information Hizbullah Memon, Noor Ahmed Narejo, Abid Rizvi Coordinator, Family Support Network, Ambreen abid Member FSN and others gave the certificates and gifts to the 60 doctors and 34 volunteers of the college and 44 children and their parents, have stressed the need of joint endeavors and collective efforts to promote and project such healthy and positive activities at grass root level to encourage such children and make them useful member of the society and provide them opportunities to perform their daily life with enthusiasm and fearlessly.
They appreciated the efforts of organizing such an activity and event by Bhitai Dental & Medical College, Family Support Network and SOP to encourage the sports and various programs to the mentally handicapped/intellectual children of Special Olympics Pakistan.

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