STG Int’l serves Pak by generating jobs and bringing remittances

We provide most tactical training to employees to
serve & earn better, Satish Shewani informs TFD

TFD Report

KARACHI: At a time when our country is facing severe economic challenges, STG is generating incredible job opportunities without any qualification restriction for all people without any discrimination of cast, creed, culture and religion.
During the Interview CEO Satish Shewani shared that STG is a place where he is gathering all the youngsters by providing professional training through recognized and professional trainers who train and polish all the new comers and trend them in such a way that they can earn some legitimate revenues to fulfill their monthly needs.
STG provides all the latest IT related tools and equipment along with all the necessary and latest softwares and dialing tools with professional environment.
During the interview with Satish he further added that STG is very first place where freshers and trained candidates come and can easily excel their career in the field of telemarketing specially call center. STG produced some best resources and are still in regular touch and started their own call centers.
Once they feel that they are capable enough as STG not only invest their time, but also contribute and equip more confidence on new or freshers by providing additional training with professionals from USA and Canada without any cost.
Satish shared that this point of time all the call centers contributing huge remittance specially from USA, Canada, and UK which is healthy sign for economical growth of Pakistan. Govt must encourage and gives more relief on the remittances generating by all the call centers.