Struggle for Kashmir – A defining moment


India has tried to pressurise British for holding Kashmir conference for the Kashmiris cause in House of Commons, and that , Kashmir is internal issue of India. But it was rejected by the British. Kashmir issue is very well on the agenda of UN and unresolved. Contacting Hurriat leaders have also irked India . Pakistan Ambassador was summoned in New Delhi and protested . The protests naturally been rejected. Indian National day was observed as black day . So were elections boycotted. Kashmiri leadership is detained. During Modi’s visit there are wide spread protests. The blood of Kashmiris is flowing and thousand have been killed and maimed , injured due to inhuman use of pallets. Unfortunately, neither Indian media or political leadership is moved and is criminally silent. So called intellectuals at TV shows day in day out continue blaming Pakistan . Fortunately in Pakistan Imran Khan Government has raised the issue at internationally whereas Nawaz Government was criminally silent on the issue. The fact is Kashmir situation has worsened a lot to the extent valley is now a large prison camp. Seven hundred plus Indian forces equipped with draconian powers are out on killing and rape spree. Unfortunately big powers either due to their strategic interests or economic stakes are silent spectators. Even UN Secretary General barring lip service is not doing any thing to resolve the issue. The Kashmir’s struggle has entered a defining moment. It needs a greater attention by Government of Pakistan instead of diplomatic and economic support ritual. As , Pakistan is a Party to the dispute . The sufferings of Kashmiris this side of line of control call for active aggressive diplomatic approach. It must call for world attention as it is impacting the Kashmiris and they are calling for Pakistan’s help. Pakistan must raise the issue at world forums and call for international intervention since Kashmir is on UN agenda and a fit case for the international community to intervene. Whereas Indian PM openly has been threatening to intervene in Baluchistan where as it is Pakistan’s integral province and absolutely calm except certain Indian paid elements making noise. It is a moment, Government and people of Pakistan must rise to awaken world attention. Kashmiris and Pakistanis abroad must knock every door in each Capitol to draw the world attention. Scholars , social media and even saner elements in India be provoked. Human right organisation be invited to AJK and listen to Kashmiris this side of LOC. It must also be remembered Shimla Agreement is already killed. There are thousand of ceasefire violations killing hundred of unarmed civilians, women and children. International media be invited and sponsored to see for themselves and report. Although in Elections period from India no good be expected. Under the cloak of Ahinsa , Hindu India is most brutal nation in the world. They are mellow when weak but tyrants when in power. Thousand years of history and conduct of Bharat since 1947 is reflective of this mindset.
In Hindu mind set , it is Dharti Mata , and not Kashmiris matter. They have no right to live there. For that reason , from the last twenty years efforts have been to alter the special status of Kashmir, once done migration of Hindus to valley will be facilitated to alter the demography. At the same time India is likely to speed up subversive activities-in Baluchistan and KPK. Let’s not forget hundred of sleeping cells created in last ten years in Pakistan and inroad in our socio intellectuals are waiting to be activated. Unfortunately their are aplenty who are ready to be sold.
Kashmir struggle has passed three distinct stages. 1947 to 1965, this saw the emergence of Azad Kashmir by valiant Kashmiris as at the time of partition there was no Pakistan Army . Accession by Maharaja was illegal after Agreement with Pakistan. Pakistan itself was battling for survival as tackling huge refugee problem and genocide of Muslims at the time of partition. In 1962 when India was on its weakest Pakistan leadership balked to seize opportunity created by Sino India war. Pakistan believed in US promises and betrayed. Ungrateful India moved to sabotage East Pakistan and successfully achieved its objectives to dismember Pakistan. Failing to find inactive Pakistan after 1971 fiasco, embroiled in own turmoils, Kashmiris rose in defiance to Indian brutality in 1990. It not only caught India napping but surprised Pakistan who was not prepared for it. As usual India blamed Pakistan and moved its forces to battle positions , forcing Pakistan to react . By May 1990 both the countries were at the threshold of war . Fearing Nuclear clash USA moved in , and both the countries moved back from the brink of war. This however did not dampen Kashmiri resistance against tyranny. The figures of martyrs continue to rise and so as the extent of brutality. Unfortunately our democratic rulers were more embroiled in their own affairs and had not raised a finger on Kashmir’s plight. But innocent blood did not stop.
Third stage continued after 1999 by Mussharaf Government came to power. There were terrorism incidents created by India and in that garb raised hate and revenge ante. India consequently, under BJP Government moved forces on to borders. It was the longest concentration on borders between two nuclear armed powers. This was a matter of concern for big powers. On international pressures, India eventually withdrew its forces. Growing resistance in Kashmir forced Indians to accept Musharrafs dialogue offer. Musharrafs out of box proposal and BJPs willingness in Vajpai , raised some hope of settlement. But it was to be dumped under Indian establishment behind the scenes manoeuvre and Mussharaf flew back to Pakistan and with that all hopes of settlement. There were some cosmetic measures
like trade through LOC. Now this also is virtually dead as Modi’s state policy is use of force. And also ,
India’s National Security Advisor has said they can not compromise. Similarly , previous RAW chief , in a dialogue with Durrani stated STATUS QUO suit India.
Thus , as the resistance has entered in to defining moment. It is indigenous , accepted the world is a cause of worry for India. It is now Pakistan who has to be very clear what policy has to be adopted. Not only Kashmiris but Pakistan’s vital and strategic interests are linked with Kashmir , from water to national security. Pakistanis hearts throb for Kashmir’s. For India it a piece of land , not so for Pakistan. Thus Pakistan must make understand the big powers and world at large.
Active diplomatic efforts coupled with exterior manoeuvres in world Capitals , with sustained social and media campaigns is the answer. Involve Kashmiri abroad and extend fully open support. Raise the issue with Russia , China and USA to pressurise to implementUN resolutions. If USA is asking Pakistani help why not Kashmir.Let there be no doubt, Kashmir’s issue has to be solved bilaterally only under world pressures. There are recent and past historic examples. As in Afghanistan, USA come to dialogue, so as India to be made to realise.
Also open Azad Kashmir for international media and Tourism , within short time , positive results will emerge.

The writer is a retired Brigadier, decorated in 1965-71 wars with SJ, SI (M), IS Gallantry (BAR). Is Secretary General Pakistan Russia Business Forum and is a Graduate from NDC. He can be reached at: