The veil of Muskan unveils so-called secular face of India

A Hijab clad girl Muskan has exposed the so-called secular face of India. A video of a Muslim girl in Indian state Karnataka got viral being bulled, harassed and heckled by over 100 male Hindu students cladding “saffron-scarf ” chanting “Jai Shri Ram” (victory to lord Rama) when she entered her college wearing hijab.
The fearless and brave girl chanted “Allah Hu Akbar” (Allah is great) in return and turned her back towards the mob. The brave and lioness Muskan stood firm and created a history receiving applause across the world for setting an example of courage and steadfastness.
The “veil” of Muskan has indeed “unveiled” the heinous face and nefarious designs of Hindutva India once again before the entire world.
The ugly face of India under BJP-RSS HINDUTVA ideology or Hindu supremacy is tearing India apart. The Hindu’s religious extremism in India proves that India now is a Hindu fanatic state only in which minorities have no place, space and rights and they are being subjugated and suppressed. They are facing harsh persecution.
India’s fanatic regime under Narendera Modi’s Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has patronized the persecution of religious minorities in India since the day it has come into power in 2014. The flag bearer of Hindutva ideology of incumbent India’s fanatic regime is engaged in war against its own citizens and it’s so-called slogan of secularism stands exposed.
The fanatic regime of India under the Modi Hindutva umbrella passed a controversial Citizen Amendment Bill in India in 2019 to marginalize Muslims so as to justify the deportation of thousands of Muslims. This bill only aimed at protecting Hindus and harassing Muslims.
Today’s India after Muskan episode reinstates the reality that Modi’s fascist and fanatic regime is systematically promulgating ahead with its Hindus supremacist agenda which is a clear violation of international human rights law.
Modi Sarkar supports the idea of making India a Hindu-only state.
Ironically, Hindutva ideology and activists not only targeting Muslims alone in India but all other religious minorities including Christians are being persecuted and subjugated there as well. The Open Doors USA 2021 World Watch List has ranked India as globally 10th worst country to victimize or persecute Christians. The US Commission on Religious Freedom has requested the State Department to label India as a “country of particular concern”.
The Modi extremist and racist regime legitimizing all fanatic and radical groups like RashtriyaSwayamsevakSangh (RSS) and Bajrang Dal, they are given free hands to attack Christians as their ideology stresses that all Christians should be expelled out of India unless they agree to recant their faith. The Modi fascist regime turns a blind eye to brutal and humiliating attacks against Christians and Muslims. 80% Christians living in India suffer persecution by Hindus. Hindu mobs attack Christian houses without any fear of prosecution and if the case is registered, the police arrest the complainants and force & threaten them to leave that area. Christians are treated as “untouchables” or disgusting entities and not allowed to use health centers and share water of the area.
In August 2019, the fascist Modi regime abrogated Article 370 of Indian Constitution revoking the special status of Illegal Indian occupied Jammu and Kashmir and committed the unprecedented crimes of atrocities through mass raping of women, killing, torturing, muting media and disappear individuals with impunity. Kashmiris live under the reality of heavy militarization, draconian powers of Indian security forces to crush the spirit of freedom, resistance and resilience of Kashmiris. IIOJK bleeding and their right of self-determination is snatched forcibly. A shameful history of atrocities in the valley are being committed to deny the promised plebiscite per United Nations UN resolutions.
The wave of violence in India Sikhs farmers indicates that India has turned into a “no go area” for its minorities.
The hateful political agenda or ideology of Hindutva is leaving deep implications even for the existence of India itself. Hindutva ideology wants Hindus alone to be indigenous to India so that this one social group can define what it means to be “Indian” and can exclude others from this category negating its own constitution. Modi, remaking India into an authoritarian, Hindu nationalist state pushing India towards a serious crisis.
The lynching vigilante anti-minorities violence in India is picking momentum and rapid pace. The brutality, the cruelness and vicious politics under Hindu supremacy of BJP’s blueprint for India in which people are graded and assessed according to their faith.
The Hindutva hardliners knows their priorities now per BJP new Booklet i.e. “No Muslim, Sikh, Jain, Buddhist, Christian, Kashmiris or Parsi.” Nehru’s secular India is turned now only into a quagmire of Modi’s religious fanaticism of Hindutva.
The grave situation in India due to religious motivated violence, killings, riots, lynching, enforced disappearances, rape, molestation vandalism and targeting of vulnerable section of society is making India a nightmare to live in under racist doctrine of the ravages of Hindutva.
The fascist Modi regime pursuing Nazis agenda which is endangering peace and stability of South Asia. The minorities in India have awakened and revolted against India.
The international community, western world and all international human rights organizations will have to shun their policies of appeasing India under their vested interests. The United Nation and world community should cease their role of mute spectators over the bigot Hindutva policies of fascist Modi regime. The Muskan’s episode in India urges the need for altering the existing world order based on double standards, hypocrisy and injustice. It is our responsibility to change it with new world order based on equality and justice else the insane Hindutva policies of Modi and his fanatic followers will prove to be the last nail in the coffin in cunning and crafty Modi and time is not very far away when India will be disintegrated into independent states. As what goes around must come around.

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