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When Arabs And Ajjam Were United

The Period of Arabs and Ajjam Union

Al-Haj Mullah Faqir Muhammad Darwish, the national reciter of Arabic, Persian and Pashto languages of the world of Islam, is considered one of the great personalities of Islam who has clarified the plans of the West and all their allied friends through the poetry of Pashto Arabic and Persian languages.

It has been clearly stated through this Naat-Khawani for our Muslim nation that the world of infidelity is engaged in what kind of plans it is engaged in against the world of Islam. Alhaj Darwish is known as Naat Khawan globally, but Darwish Sahib is a separate chapter for himself, now I come to my topic. Mullah Faqir Muhammad Darwish has said a poem by the Muslim personality Saeed in which he says: (Sardro of Cordoba Muslimah). Dakashghar and Ferghana Muslimah. What happened to Takbeer and Azan? (Yes, during the golden period, what happened?)

There was a time when the world was ruled by Muslims, there was no oppression, no oppression, no killings, no one’s honor was in danger and no one’s head was in danger, but unfortunately today, Arabs and foreigners everywhere. They are sleeping, there is silence, there is chaos, and no one can say anything about the oppression of the West, no one sees the horrors of the world’s infidels with their own eyes, no one listens to the cries of the oppressed Ummah, and now the Arabs and the Gentiles are afraid of it. They have gone blind. Cuba’s Guantanamo Bay and Abu Ghraib prisons exist to instill fear in Muslims.

International disbelief accuses the defenders of the Muslim Ummah of being terrorists and considers our Islamic initiatives and academic and educational systems suspect. And they consider this as a warning and a threat to the world because the rulers of Ghazis like Siddique Siddiq and Khalid Khalid are no longer among the Arabs and foreigners; we are deprived of Ghazis like them.

The one who removed the darkness of Persia and Rome with the power of faith and spread the light of religion and peace, today he has sunk again into the darkness of universal disbelief.

Today the historic Andalus and the Nile Valley of Africa are silent, which were part of Islamic history and today have left the hands of the Muslim Ummah. Today, the Muslim Ummah has no other king like Umar, who can look into the eyes of the world’s greatest infidel and make him a victim of the power of faith. Today, Tariq bin Ziyad and Musa bin.

There is a need for rulers like Nasr, Tashqin and Umayyad Abd al-Rahman, who with the power of faith will crush the pride of world oppressors and infidels and in exchange for their sacrifices; they will forgive the unity and honor of Islam and Muslims.

Now you see that the Arabs islands are sleeping, the Ottoman Turks and Constantinople are neglected; you do not see the sufferings and stages that the servants of Islam are going through.

Today, the unholy spear of the cross is beating the wings of empire over the world, but the Muslim Ummah is still asleep. Today, the West is fighting Al-Aqsa and the Muslim Ummah is not challenging the talk of unity. Today, there is no invader like the Ayyubid male field who can respond with the sword. Today, the countries of the Muslim nation are dominated by the West.

There is no youth like Muhammad Bin Qasim among the Arabs and non-Arabs tribes to liberate to defeat a force like Genghis Khan. Today, the great Shir Khwarizm is not there because of this negligence, the grave of the great Imam is in the possession of strangers.

You see, Baghdad was destroyed by the Halaku Khan of the time, the Abbasid throne and empire of the Muslim nation was gone, and there was no one to bring it back.

The Muslim nation of Sheshan, Armenia, Timur and Bukhara is ready to go to the West. That crossing the river is yesterday’s story, but the Muslim nation is still not a sign of lesson for the world. The world of infidelity is violating human rights. We are ignorant of the history of our ancestors.

And they have forgotten the history of Qutiba. The Caucasus and Turkestan were under the rule of India and Persia Muslim, we have passed through a very extensive golden age, today our homeland is full of graves, the great and wide gulf of science and technology has narrowed so much that at this time Muslims fight among themselves. I am busy. Himself, who will fight against universal unbelief? The justice of Hazrat Umar, the trade of Hazrat Uthman. Certainly no history repeats the caliphate and honesty of Hazrat Siddique and the bravery of Hazrat Ali.

The stories of the sacrifices of Muhammad bin Qasim, Tariq bin Ziyad, Musa bin Nasr, Khalid bin Waleed are now being made into anecdotes and are not far-fetched. History is a witness that the nations who abandoned their religion, they did not die with faith, those nations who forgot their heroes, those nations are called slaves in history, those nations who paved the way for the development of Islam. They have considered that another culture has been accepted as their own.

The reason for this is that Muslims are facing various problems in the world at the moment. Muslims have turned away from their religion. Are Afghanistan and Pakistan are connected to each other. But the efforts of the nationalists are just as bad as in the past.

Today, they have imposed the broad unity of Islam on the Afghans. There is no effort for the unity of the Arabs and the nations. On the basis of this slogan, their struggle has been cut short. They have given names here and there for personal gain. Now is the time if the Muslim nation turns to its history and the right path of its religion. If adopted, there is no doubt that Islam will rule the world.

Jihadi struggle turned out that the current Islamic system of Afghanistan is a clear example of this, without Jihad there is no defense or protection of Islam or Muslims, if there is Jihad, then there will be Islam. His caliphs are in every country and nation of unbelief, they are like-minded people, they are preaching from dawn to dusk against this small group of defenders of Islam and Ummah.

The continuous struggle of non-Muslims and non-Muslims is the results in Independent Islamic Sharia country. If Arabs and non Arabs-Muslims unite, they will also liberate other occupied countries, Ins Sha Allah.

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