Why are human beings the noblest creatures?

God has created uncountable creatures in the universe but human beings have been titled as the noblest of all creatures (Ashraf-ul-Makhlooqat) in the universe. This nobility is due to the countless capabilities and competencies which Almighty God has bestowed human beings with. Unlike other creatures, human beings can think logically and feel the pain and pleasure of their fellow beings besides sensing their own distress and discomforts. These capabilities have made human beings worth to conquer the world and make their lives comfy cozy.
Human beings are progressing by leaps and bounds and their accomplishments and achievements have touched the skies. These divinely bestowed capabilities have brought multitudinous positive changes in human lives which have lead to their progress and prosperity.
Man can fly high in the sky and land on the moon. He can connect to his nears and dears living in any part of the globe. He has solution for the climatic extremities and information about the world affairs at his fingertips. All these things are possible only when he uses his capabilities judiciously. But when a person doesn’t think logically and when he doesn’t use his capabilities optimally, he lives an unsatisfactory and infelicitous life. He lives a complaintive and resentful life and puts forth different excuses for his unsuccessful life. But the basic and primary reason for his unsatisfactory and unhappy life is that he is unable to recognize his capabilities and use them prudentially.
God has bestowed every human being with various potentialities and capabilities which can help him to lead a happy and successful life. Now it depends on a person whether he uses his capabilities to lead a satisfactory life and proves the world that God had made him the noblest of all the creatures or goes with the flow without recognising his capabilities and accepts what comes to him as his destiny without caring about his happiness and satisfaction and lives a compulsive and obdurate life. When a person doesn’t recognises his capabilities, he falls from the state of noblest being to the lowest level of creaturehood.
Human beings have been conferred with the ability to think which gives them the power of reasoning and critical analysing. People who have high thinking ability are versatile and have more competence. So they achieve higher goals unlike people who confine their thinking ability within narrow limits. If a person has to reach the fifth storey of a building by using the staircase, he feels exhausted and fatigued when he reaches to his destination, but when he plans to reach the tenth storey of the same building using the same staircase, he reaches to the fifth storey pleasantly without feeling exhausted or burdened.
It is because when we plan for higher goals, we prepare ourselves accordingly and develop more capacity to work and achieve higher goals. So our thinking plans have a great role in achieving our goals.
Accordingly if a student sets his goal of getting 90% marks in his examinations, there are maximum chances that he will get at least 70% marks in his examinations provided he doesn’t only set his goal but works on it. A person should always believe and trust in high thinking at every stage of his life to achieve higher goals. When we look at the human history, we observe that man has progressed tremendously and has achieved goals which looked impossible to him in the past.
Flying in the air was a day dream of the past which has become a reality of the present. Man is planning to buy plots on the moon which seemed impossible to conquer for him in the past. Man, who used birds in the past to send messages to people far away from him can talk and chat with people thousands of kilometres away from him using wave technology which has revolutionized the field of telecommunication. These all achievements have been possible only when man has used his capabilities and his power of logical thinking.
There are thousands of examples to show that man can conquer highest goals and achieve his dreams only when he uses his capabilities which Almighty God has conferred to him. Impossibilities turn to possibilities only when a person uses his power of thinking judiciously and puts his capabilities up to optimum level of usage.
So we can change our lives to the best version of creaturehood and prove that human beings are the noblest of all creatures of Almighty God by using our power of thinking, reasoning and other divinely bestowed capabilities. Contrarily, putting a full stop on our capabilities or their misusage gives us no right to claim as being the noblest creatures of the creator.

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