An interview with Jameel Yusuf (S.St.)

Q. Who is currently the Head and had conceived the idea to establish Baitul Sukoon Cancer Hospital & Hospice (BSCHH), treating terminally-ill cancer patients? A....

Exclusive interview with newly appointed CG of UAE to Karachi H.E. Dr. Salem AlKhaddeim AlDhanhani

Syed Zaigham Hussain Q. Excellency what was your first reaction when you heard that you are posted to Pakistan as Consul General? A. I would like...

An interview with Chairman, Pakistan Goat Association (PGA) Sadaqat Hussain

Perks and process of PGA Membership Sadaqat Hussain, Chairman of Pakistan Goat Association (PGA) in an exclusive interview with "The Financial Daily" has stated that...

An interview with Pakistan CG in Milan, Italy Dr. Manzoor Ahmed Chaudhry

Mumtaz Hussain Khayal Our Special Correspondent based in Milan, Italy Mumtaz Hussain Khayal has interviewed Pakistan's Consul General in Milan during the weekend. The exerpts...
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