Cement dispatches declined by 16.58pc in January 2022

Special Correspondent

ISLAMABAD: Cement dispatches declined by16.58 percent in January 2022. Total Cement dispatches during January 2022 were 3.95 million tons against 4.73 Million Tons dispatched during the same month of last fiscal year, says a message received here Wednesday.
According to the data released by All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association (APCMA), local cement dispatches by the industry during the month of January 2022 were 3.4 million tons compared to 4.04 million tons in January 2021, showing a reduction of 15.87 percent. Exports dispatches suffered massive decline by 20.71 percent as the volumes reduced from 694,934 tons in January 2021 to 551,006 tons in January 2022.
In January 2022, North based cement mills dispatched 2.707 million tons cement in domestic markets showing a reduction of 18.29 percent against 3.313 million tons dispatches in January 2021. South based mills dispatched 693,453 tons cement in local markets during January 2022 that was 4.82 percent less compared to the dispatches of 728,568 tons during January 2021.
Exports from North based mills massively declined by 94.12 percent as the quantities reduced from 233,404 tons in January 2021 to 13,727 tons in January 2022. Exports from South however increased by 16.41 percent to 537,279 tons in January 2022 from 461,530 tons during the same month last year.
During the first seven months of current fiscal year, total cement despatches (domestic and exports) were 31.4 million tons that calculates to5.89 percent lower than 33.37 million tons dispatched during the corresponding period of last fiscal year. Further analysis indicate that domestic uptake of the commodity reduced by 0.69 percent to 27.465 million tons from 27.657 million tons during July-January 2021 whereas exports during the same period declined by a massive 31.04 percent to 3.94 million tons from 5.71 million tons during July-January2021.
North based Mills dispatched 22.87 million tons cement domestically during the first seven months of current fiscal year showing a reduction of 2.85 percent than cement dispatches of 23.54 million tons during July-January2021. Exports from North declined by 61.39 percent to 557,615 tons during July-January2022 compared with 1.444 million tons exported during the same period last year.
Domestic dispatches by South based Mills during July-January 2022 were 4.59 million tons showing an increase of 11.67percent over 4.115 million tons cement dispatched during the same period of last fiscal year. There was however substantial decline of around 20.78 percent in exports from south zone as the volumes reduced to 3.384 million tons in the first seven months of current fiscal year from 4.272 million tons during corresponding period of last fiscal year.
A spokesman of the All Pakistan Cement Manufacturers Association said that the decline in cement dispatches is hitting the industry badly while the industry is already under pressure due to sharp increase in the cost of production that includes international coal prices, high power tariff and transportation cost. He said that slowdown in the construction activities for public sector development projects amid unfavorable weather conditions is among the major causes of lower consumption of cement.
Moreover, he added that, the huge decline in exports should be a matter of concern for the government too as it is negatively impacting the much needed foreign exchange for the country. “one of the main reasons for drop in exports via sea is the shortage of containers, increase in demand for container has resulted increase in freight cost of container from US $ 500 to US $ 1500, making the Pakistani cement uncompetitive in the international market” said the spokesman.

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