Govt is working to move ‘fully’ from cashbased to cashless economy: Sufi

Cashless Economy

WASHINGTON: Salman Sufi, Head of the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit, has said that his government is working to move “completely” from a cash-based economy to a cashless economy, “regardless of any government [in power], we will put infrastructure in place, and I think any government after elections will not roll back it.”
He was addressing a press conference at the Pakistan Embassy in Washington DC. Ambassador Masood Khan formally introduce him. Sufi said that now, all government payments will be online instead of going to the National Bank. “In the next six months, all amounts are converted online.”
He said anyone could easily open a second account in any bank without going through heavy paperwork and a long wait time. “We are developing a central KYC database that will comply with all the regulations and financial requirements.
Talking about gender-specific subjects, he said that the government has a program called Women on Wheels under which the polio workers, teachers, health workers, and startup female business entrepreneurs are getting Scotties on subside rates. He further said that Violence against Women Centers started to open throughout Pakistan after a successful Center in Multan. “They will get all help under one roof, shelter, legal, medical, psychological rehab, and prosecution help.
Sufi said that the Pakistani goods and mangoes exports, he said that he had requested an appointment of a USDA official at the US Karachi Consulate for pre-clearance of Pakistani mangoes at Karachi port before their export to the United States. Currently, mangoes exported from Pakistan are treated and cleared in Houston, which increases the cost and causes a delay in the availability of a perishable item.
“The USDA Inspector will process all exports from Pakistan in Karachi so that the traders can send their product directly to any city in the United States.” He said that the government would provide all facilities they required.
He further announced the “good news” that the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), Department of Transportation (DOT), and Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is in the process of resumption PIA direct flights from Pakistan to the United States. Press Minister Sarfraz Hussain and Press AttachĂ© Maliha Zargham were also present.