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Moot pays tributes to martyrs and Mujahidden of Al-Quds

KARACHI: On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of General Qasem Soleimani, Abu Mahdi Al-Muhands and other martyrs of Al-Quds, a commemorative ceremony was held at Al-Mossin Hall Karachi under the title of “Conference of Martyrs and Defenders of Al-Quds” through Majlis e Zakireen-e-Imamiya Pakistan, says a Press release.
A large number of the lovers and devotees of Mujahideen and martyrs of Palestine and Al-Quds participated in this event. Religious and political leaders including intellectuals present in the conference paid tribute to the services of martyr General Qasem Soleimani and urged them to continue on his path for the liberation of Quds.
The chief guest of the ceremony, Director of the Cultural Center of Iran in Karachi, Dr. Saeed Talebinia paid tribute to the martyred of the war against global terrorism and emphasized on supporting the oppressed Palestinians and continuing the goals of martyred Soleimani. He called the Tofan Al-Aqsa operation a wise and appropriate move by Hamas.
Secretary General of Sindh Bar Association Sarfraz Ali Mitlu said: Some people ask why Muslim countries do not accept Israel. They advise us that both Israel and Palestine should be recognized as separate countries. We say that there is no problem for Muslims to live with Jews and Christians; People who lived in the area from the beginning can still live together. But what kind of justice is it that some foreign people come from outside and forcefully occupy the land of Muslims and make a country there and put pressure on Muslims to recognize it legally.
Jamaat-e-Islami Vice-Amir Dr. Miraj Al-Hadi said: It is not necessary to be a Muslim to feel the pain of Gaza, but to be a human being. If the cruelty and brutality on the part of Zionism has reached its peak, on the other hand, the patience and perseverance of the Palestinian people also seems to be on the height. Therefore, it should be accepted that Israel has actually been defeated from within in this war. The Mujahideen of Hamas have crushed the pride of Israel with their faith. In the 1967 war, the Arab countries were defeated by Israel in just six days, and in the 1973 war, the same countries surrendered again within seventeen days. But this time the very few Mujahideen of Palestine are about to force Israel to its knees in humiliation.
Palestine Foundation`s Secretary General, Sabir-Abu-Maryam said in his speech: Until 2005, Palestinians continued to resist Israel with sticks and stones. So was the Palestinian Intifada movement till that time from the beginning; it was the martyr Qasem Soleimani who brought the Palestinian Mujahideen out of that stone age and equipped them with modern weapons of war like drones, missiles, rockets and machine guns. Therefore, the resistance of the Mujahideen in Palestine today is the result of the strategy of Qasem Soleimani.
Syed Aqeel Anjam, one of the leaders of the Jamiat Ulema-e-Pakistan, said: “Fire of bombs, missiles and bullets has been raining on Gaza for eighty-five days, thousands of children, women and countless people have been killed. But it is surprising that despite such severe suffering, the patience of the Palestinian Mujahideen has not decreased.
Majlis-e-Wahdat Muslimeen leader Syed Ahmed Iqbal Rizvi said: “After October 7, 2023, the global political scenario has completely changed. Before October 7, there were talks of recognizing Israel in Pakistan. Many countries were ready to recognize Israel following the Arabs; but due to the Al-Aqsa operation, all the countries in line to recognize Israel had to face setbacks. If the Al-Aqsa operation had not started on time, all the countries of the world would have recognized Israel and at the same time the Zionist government would have occupied the whole of Palestine and the country called Palestine would not be seen anywhere on the map of the world. Let’s just admit that the Al-Aqsa operation of Hamas’ Mujahideen was not inappropriate, but it was a timely and necessary measure to prevent the identity of a nation from being destroyed.”
The leader of the Shia Ulema Council Syed Nazar Abbas Taqvi said: “According to the special conditions of the time we are living in, some duties and responsibilities are imposed on us. Therefore, it is necessary to recognize our religious and moral duty related to the current situation and continue our efforts to fulfill it. Our most important duty today is to support the oppressed Palestinians and fight for the freedom of Al-Quds.”
At the end of the conference, Nisar Ahmed Qalandri, the host of the event and chairman of Majlis-e-Zakreen-e-Imamia Pakistan, in his vote of thanks speech, appreciating the presence of the guests, thanked the speakers and all the participants of the conference.