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UAJK’s Geological Field Camp sets new academic milestone

Mubashar Naqvi

MUZAFFARABAD: The Institute of Geology at the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir (UAJK) successfully concluded Geological Field Training Camp-2023, an unprecedented initiative aimed at enhancing the practical knowledge and skills of students in the field of geology.
The event brought together students and faculty members from esteemed institutions across Pakistan, including Quaid-i-Azam University Islamabad, Bahria University Islamabad, Punjab University, Abbottabad University of Science and Technology, Aird Agriculture University Rawalpindi, University of Swat, Military College of Engineering Risalpur, and many more.
The closing ceremony, held at the Institute of Geology King Abdullah Campus Chatter Kallas, was graced by the esteemed presence of Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi, Vice-Chancellor UAJK, as the chief guest. Distinguished guests in attendance included Prof. Emeritus Dr. Muhammad Rustam Khan, Prof. Khawaja Muhammad Basharat, Director ORIC-UAJK Dr. Abdul Rauf Janjua, Syed Kamran Ali, Dr. Safi ur Rehman (Instructor) from Military College of Engineering Risalpur as well as a substantial number of students and faculty members representing various participating universities.
During the ceremony, Dr. Muhammad Farooq Khan, Director of the Institute of Geology, provided an in-depth overview of the highly successful Geological Field Training Camp 2023, highlighting its objectives and accomplishments. He expressed gratitude to the students and faculty members from other universities for their trust in the UAJK and reaffirmed the institution’s commitment to further enhancing the camp’s effectiveness in the coming years.
Several notable speakers, including Prof. Emeritus Dr. Muhammad Rustam Khan, Prof. Khawaja Muhammad Basharat, Dr. Tehmina, Dr. Safi ur Rehman, and participants from other universities, emphasized the crucial link between fieldwork and geology. They underscored the significance of field research in universities and commended the exceptional geological sites in Azad Kashmir, offering ample opportunities for research and academic growth.
Recognizing the historical contributions of the Department of Geology at the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, the speakers expressed gratitude to Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi for his unwavering support in fostering academic development. They emphasized the need for research on mineral resources, highlighting Pakistan’s abundance of such resources and the pivotal role that geology students and faculty members can play in this regard.
In his address, Vice-Chancellor Professor Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi emphasized the three main objectives of universities: teaching and learning, research, and community service. He shared his pride in providing an exceptional educational environment within Azad Jammu and Kashmir and reaffirmed his commitment to the university’s ongoing mission.
Acknowledging the importance of research and diversity, he highlighted the institution’s efforts in fostering partnerships and community engagement. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi congratulated the faculty and management of the Institute of Geology for orchestrating a highly successful Geological Field Camp and commended their dedication in enriching the educational journey of students.
Furthermore, he expressed his delight in witnessing students from various universities come together to share their experiences, promoting a culture of collaboration and knowledge exchange. Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi reiterated his unwavering support for the Faculty and Management of the Department of Geology and pledged continued assistance for the continuation and improvement of the Geological Field Training Camp.
In closing, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Kaleem Abbasi assured all attendees of his commitment to providing the best resources and facilities for educational and research endeavors at the University of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He extended his heartfelt gratitude to all participants, both students and faculty members, for their dedication and trust in the university’s vision, emphasizing that their contributions were instrumental in making the Geological Field Training Camp 2023 a resounding success.

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