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No delay in nuclear energy projects: Dar

ISLAMABAD: Finance Minister said K2 and K3 nuclear energy projects are very important for the future of the country and no delay in its completion is affordable.
Chairing a meeting in Islamabad on Monday, he said the projects will be the cheapest source of energy.
The Finance Minister directed the concerned authorities to take all possible steps for successful and timely completion of the projects.
The aforementioned energy projects are a part of Pak-China Energy Corridor and will be jointly financed by China (EXIM Bank) and Pakistan in a ratio 82 and 18 percent respectively.
Secretary EAD, Mr. Saleem briefed the meeting on the progress of the project. He said that the progress of the project has been actively monitored. He also told that the Economic Affairs Division is also coordinating with the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) to complete this project on priority basis.
The Finance Minister said "This project is important for the future of the country; we cannot bear any delay in its completion." The project when completed will be the cheapest source of energy for the people of the country and this is actually what we desire for them, further said the Minister.
The aforementioned energy projects will be a part of Pak-China Energy Corridor and will be jointly financed by China (EXIM Bank) and Pakistan in a ratio 82 and 18 percent respectively.
The Finance Minister directed that all departments which are concerned with the completion of this project should actively participate and come up with fruitful suggestions for solving any technical issue with regard to the successful and timely completion of this project. -NNI

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