ISLAMABAD: The federal government's decision to deploy the army in Islamabad under Article 245 of the Constitution came in effect from Friday, with the military mandated to aid civilian law-enforcement agencies in securing the capital for the next three months.
Five companies of the army have been deployed in various parts of Islamabad to secure main offices of the judiciary, Parliament House, Presidency and Prime Minister Houses, foreign missions, foreign office and other important installations, sources said.
One army company was deployed at Margalla Hills and on the road that connects the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa with Islamabad, they added.
According to the security plan, the army would work in close coordination with the police, Rangers and administration for ensuring fool proof security for Islamabad. - Online

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     Economic Indicators
    Forex Reserves (11-Oct-13)$9.21bn
    Inflation CPI% (Jul 13 - Sep 13)8.06%
    Exports (Jul 13 - Sep 13)$6.71bn
    Imports (Jul 13 - Sep 13)$11.18bn
    Trade Balance (Jul 13 - Sep 13)($4.47)bn
    Current A/C (Jul 13 - Sep 13)$(1234)mn
    Remittances (Jul 13 - Sep 13)$3.93bn
    Foreign Investment (Jul 13 - Sep 13)$270mn
    Revenue (Jul 13 - Aug 13)Rs 279bn
    Foreign Debt (Jun-13)$59.56bn
    Domestic Debt (Aug 13)Rs 9,945bn
    Repatriated Profit (Jul 13 - Aug 13)$122mn
    LSM Growth (Aug 13)7.16%
    GDP Growth FY12E3.60%
    Per Capita Income FY11$1,254
     Money Market Update
    T-Bills (3 Mths)9.433% 14-Oct-2013
    T-Bills (6 Mths)9.45% 14-Oct-2013
    T-Bills (12 Mths)8.9808% 14-Oct-2013
    Discount Rate9.5% 13-Sep-2013
    Kibor (1 Mth)9.19% 28-Oct-2013
    Kibor (3 Mths)9.46% 28-Oct-2013
    Kibor (6 Mths)9.55% 28-Oct-2013
    Kibor (9 Mths)9.85% 28-Oct-2013
    Kibor (1 Yr)10.02% 28-Oct-2013
    P.I.B (3 Yrs)11.6% 28-Oct-2013
    P.I.B (5 Yrs)12.1% 28-Oct-2013
    P.I.B (10 Yrs)12.55% 28-Oct-2013
    P.I.B (15 Yrs)13.1% 28-Oct-2013
    P.I.B (20 Yrs)13.2% 28-Oct-2013
    P.I.B (30 Yrs)13.4% 28-Oct-2013
     Open Market Currency Rates
    SymbolsBuy (Rs)Sell (Rs)
    Australian $101.25101.5
    Canadian $101.10101.35
    Danish Krone19.2519.5
    Hong Kong $13.3013.55
    Japanese Yen1.0901.18
    Saudi Riyal28.1028.35
    Singapore $84.9085.15
    Swedish Korona16.5016.75
    Swiss Franc117.50117.75
    U.A.E Dirham28.7529
    UK Pound170.65170.9
    US $106.70106.95
     Inter-Bank Currency Rates
    SymbolsBank Buying TT CleanBank Selling TT & OD
    Australian $101.81102
    Canadian $101.57101.76
    Danish Krone19.6219.66
    Hong Kong $13.6713.7
    Japanese Yen1.0911.0933
    Saudi Riyal28.2628.32
    Singapore $85.7585.91
    Swedish Korona16.7816.81
    Swiss Franc118.69118.91
    U.A.E Dirham28.8628.91
    UK Pound171.53171.85
    US $106.51106.6977

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