Numan Butt

GUJRANWALA: A “Crash Maintenance Program” is under way across the region on the special instructions of Muhammad Ayub, chief executive of Gujranwala Electric Power Company (Gapco), while field officers have been provided with the required equipment.
The Gapco Authority has launched a “Crash Maintenance Program” across the region from October 1, which includes cutting and pruning of trees, replacement of wires, circuits at grid stations for the maintenance of transformers and transmission lines across the region.
Breaker testing and disc cleaning and replacement on towers and other works are underway.
Chief Executive Muhammad Ayub said the program was aimed at ensuring uninterrupted power supply to consumers with the best voltage and protecting the exchequer from losses due to line losses.
He said that instructions have also been issued to all Accents and SSs to personally monitor the ongoing campaign in their respective areas and to the affected customers one day before commencement of maintenance work in any area.
Report to newspapers, radio, cable and social media. The Chief Executive has also directed the line staff to ensure compliance with the safety principles issued by the department while working on the lines and in any case take precautionary measures and appropriate measures. Don’t work without A&P.